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With 24 years of experience in the motor vehicle industry we looked at some of the most challenging issues facing dealerships today with the goal of helping to overcome them. We took into account only the problems that were within the dealers control and found these main areas of concern.

  • Decreasing levels of customers coming in and as a result, lower sales but with higher competition in the marketplace.
  • Increasingly high expectations from the manufacturer – both in sales and aftersales for results along with many process additions / changes
  • Increasingly high workloads on staff who in many cases are finding it difficult to meet the daily requirements effectively. This is leading to a reduced customer experience and lower staff productivity.
  • All this results in lower dealership profitability which in turn can put pressure on how resources are dedicated to these areas.

At Virtual CRM we have come up with solutions to these difficult problems. We provide these solutions with consistency in quality, experience and dedication to create a long standing relationship between all parties involved.




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