Control the customers buying cycle

Can we make a customer buy a new car at the moment of our choosing, does this sound like wishful thinking? I’ve seen it happen countless times in the past and I bet you have too. I really enjoyed watching one of my most gifted sales staff continually bump into his old clients in the…... Read more »

Selling cars fixes everything

If you work in the motor industry, you would’ve heard this saying. When we break it down it certainly holds a lot of truth. Look back at your own dealership experiences during a slow month, a below budget quarter, when the sales team’s morale was down, when a certain sales person was not performing. In…... Read more »

Do we let the market dictate our results?

Over the last few years we have noticed that many car dealers from a broad cross section of the motor industry are finding it increasingly difficult to achieve their goals. This has meant that target achievement and other measurements have become harder to satisfy thus resulting in lower bonuses and ultimately lower dealership profitability. What…... Read more »