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Control the customers buying cycle

Can we make a customer buy a new car at the moment of our choosing, does this sound like wishful thinking? I’ve seen it happen countless times in the past and I bet you have too. I really enjoyed watching one of my most gifted sales staff continually bump into his old clients in the service department then sell them a new car a few hours later. Through great rapport, trust and outstanding experiences, the clients would have no hesitation in taking on the recommendations of this skilled professional.

Most sales staff no longer do this, why? There are many answers, too busy, too lazy, not confident, don’t have enough clients and the list goes on. We all know that service can be a goldmine for sales prospects, but it can be like pulling teeth to get sales staff to continually prospect service customers, or any other customer for that matter. If you ask the staff for a legitimate reason the answer will come down to “effort verses reward” which can then flow onto “time”, but we will talk more about that later.

The real goal here is to disrupt the clients buying cycle as the benefits can be great for both the client and the dealer. If a client decides to buy a car one day, they will go through their own process and if you are lucky they might come and see you. Alternatively, if we start the sales process at the time of our choosing it gives us greater control of the journey and can reduce the chance of comparison to others. If we give a great customer experience and what we say makes sense and is easy for them, then why wouldn’t they want to buy from us now.

What if you could get all your sales staff to adopt this behaviour of converting service customers consistently? How much do you think it would affect your bottom line? What if I told you that it is not only possible but there is also a way to negate the “effort verses reward” issue?

At Virtual CRM this is just one of challenges we have looked at overcoming for our clients. Book an appointment with us today to find out more.

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